Gilgamesh NEEDS YOU!

Playtesters needed

For my PC and (possibly) Android game “Sumerian Blood: Gilgamesh Against the Gods” I am in need of play testers in this alpha stage of the game.
Playtesters will be helpful by playtesting the game against each other, reporting bugs, suggesting new features and tweaking the balance of the game. As the game is not complete yet, there is room for a lot of suggestions of new abilities and features for the game.

Before I explain what is Sumerian Blood, I will direct you to the IndieDB Page of the game, and the IndieDB forums of the game. There you can find the alpha releases and there is where I ment for discussions and feedback to occur.

What is Sumerian Blood ?

Sumerian Blood is, much like chess, a 1 vs 1 game where each player has his own army on his side of the board. Unlike chess, when a piece is moved on an enemy piece, instead of an automatic removal of the enemy piece a battle arena screen is open. The two pieces duel to the death in a fast paced action combat.
SB is set in a fantasy version of Mesopotamia, where mythological creatures exist. The story of the game is a tale of Gilgamesh angering the gods(especially the creator god An) which in turn have the gods make the decision of eradicating Gilgamesh and his people.

Instead of writing long paragraphs trying to explain how the game plays, I will just show you this(long, 35 minutes) YouTube video of a match between me and a friend:

Getting started

In order to download the latest alpha, go to the IndieDB forums and look at News and Releases. As of today the newest alpha is Version 2012.02.29.
Since the game is multiplayer(no CPU opponent yet), you will have to find a partner to play with. You can either play locally on the same computer, or you can play online. Playing online, you can either connect directly or you can use the Meta Server to find a partner online.
Before starting to play you should set up your keys by going to Options->Controls. The client is always player 2 and the server is always player 1. You can also set up a gamepad(no Xbox360 controller yet).

The Meta Server

In order to type in the meta server you need to first press enter, and then start typing. Another Enter to send what you typed. (Should be fixed in the future for something more convenient).
The commands are as follows:

  •  /nick SomeName  – Change your nick name into a new one.
  • /host – Host a new match as a server.
  • /host NAT – Hosting a new match as a server and a possible NAT punching(new feature, possibly not working well).
  • /join Nick – Joins game hosted by Nick(or some other nick) from the list of available hosted games(appear with a nick: ip address).


I appreciate any help in play testing the game. I think this is an interesting time for the game, because the gameplay is still forming. Hopefully there will be enough people online and on the forums for you to play against, but even if there aren’t, you should PM me on IndieDB or send me an email to support”at” and I can play a match against you.

Thank you,