iOS app works on xCode but crash running from device.

It is possible that your iOS app runs fine when running from both Release and Debug on xCode but when running directly from your device it will crash.

Well first of all you should know you can view crash logs of the device from xCode.

If you have xCode, select Window->Devices, select your device and then select “View Device Logs”.

It’s pretty straight forward.

The reason your app might be crashing while running on the device but not from xCode is because you are spending too much time doing CPU work on the splash screen.

iOS will kill your app if it takes it too much time to load.

The crash report for this would have an exception code of 8badf00d(this is in Hexadecimal) and it will also say “failed to scene-create in time”.

This might be a very simple issue but also quite overlooked. More so for people who always run their app from xCode and are surprised that the app crash on the Apple review because they never run it directly from the device.

When running from xCode the behavior is different and your app will not crash for spending too much time on the splash screen. This is the source of confusion.