Diesel Racer 2! Now available.


“A former illegal racing driver is living a peaceful life with her new family.

Until one day she realize she has to race again for the same people who got her son into trouble.

The competition is young, the competition is fierce but she race for life.”


I have released the game “Diesel Racer 2” for several mobile and micro console platforms.

It is now available on Amazon, Google Play and OUYA(The OUYA build is not up to date). It will be also soon availalbe on iOS.

The game plays with either the motion sensors(on mobile) or a game pad(OUYA, FireTV).

It is a good looking 3D racing game.

Originally I wanted Diesel Racer 2 to have a much larger scope but I had to cut out a lot of the features.

I would like to add a lot more features in the near future, so consider it in the current state as a kind of an Alpha.

There are two track to race.

Features I would like to add:

  • More tracks.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Weapons and car upgrades.
  • Story mode.
  • Death match areana.
  • And more…