An Indie Bubble? On the contrary. (Reflecting on Jeff Vogel’s blog post)

First of all I want to say that this is an observation from my own personal perspective, my introspection. I do not know everything about the game industry.

I agree with many of the things Jeff Vogel said in hisĀ blog post.

However, my main issue with it is the post’s title.

Indie Bubble?

No, there is no Indie Bubble it’s actually the opposite of a bubble.

A bubble implies virtual growth. It implies that more money is invested in making indie games than what it could actually give in return(profit wise).

In a bubble it would be incredibly easy to get investments for your new gaming company even if you don’t have a track record of successful indie games.

Well, there is a small bubble like that in the games section of Kickstarter with scam projects or just under delivering projects but this bubble will naturally deflate it won’t burst.

If anything, it’s harder nowadays to start an indie company more than ever. It’s harder to get investments in your indie company(crowd sourcing or not), it’s harder to be successful.

The competition is more fierce than ever, the game industry is more saturated than ever, the entry bar is higher.

This is not a bubble it’s a very crowded place with only a few people getting something back.

Will this discourage people from making games? Maybe… but making an Indie game was always a bet against the odds it was almost never a walk in the park.